May 21, 2016 – Saturday

Beautiful day. Thankful to be with my mom and sister-in-law. Stopped by Tory Burch store (shout out to Carmi, she was so helpful and pleasant, 2 thumbs up) to buy a gift to my godchild whose graduating and turned 18 this month. A beautiful gift to have, to see your child grow right in front of your eyes. From a tiny little bundle of joy, to a splendid and elegant young lady! What a gift indeed. Thinking how she grew up liking nature, the outdoor, the waters… it reminded me of the small clip of the beautiful waters of Santorini, Greece. And thought to myself, I should get her something comfortable that she can wear when she travels all over the marvelous beaches of the world. That’s what inspired me to get Mia the gift I am about to give her tonight. To share with everyone what I watched, play the clip below.
Discover Santorini Island, Beautiful clip, click the link below…
Santorini, Greece

Now we are here in Super King in Northridge, one of the BEST place to shop for produce since massive number of people shop here. Fresh and low price. If you love nuts, this is the place to go. It is situated in the place where Corner Bakery Cafe is and DSW shoe place plus some mom’s and pop’s shops. Having a great time waiting for them in my car, while they shop. Watching people pass by. Saw an older couple, in their mid 70s walking hand in hand. Saw another couple in their mid 50s that doesn’t even look at another. So mother and son, ladies in their saris of nice colors. Friends chit chatting and laughing. Fascinating how people are when they don’t know that someone’s looking. And appreciate God for this beautiful weather. See the cloud formation I took



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