May 26, 2016 – Thursday

Slept late last night, does it ever happen to you that you can’t quite sleep because of too much anticipation of what’s coming? In my case, that was the feeling I got last night. Why or for what reason you asked,  it’s due to the fact that I purchased a flight to Lourdes,  France for me and my husband and was not sure if it went through because of bad connection. On top of that,  it might have went through multiple times! So the best thing I did was to pray. Pray that if me and my husband are meant to go to Lourdes, France to meditate and quite our minds,  then it will happen.  So checked and found that the transaction didn’t went through and that my husband received a call from our bank that there was 3 attempts from the same company.  So you know what he said,  “that’s not me,  that’s FRAUD!”. Hence, the cancellation of our booking, so I went and tried booking the same flight.  Thank God it’s still available and the bonus was,  the price went down! Booked, DONE! Then reserved a taxi to go to Lourdes, Basilica! Thank you Lord!

All of this process won’t be possible if I didn’t have an app that scouts for the BEST deal. And always verify if that is the lowest deal you can get. Sometimes  even our timeshare that almost always have great deals, gets beaten by this app.


Look it up on your My Play or App store.  I will be sharing more TIPS SAVING blogs as I take my journey to ’40’! Carpe40Diem

Side note:
Please join me in FINDING THE CURE FOR cancer! Look for Riz Castro. Thanks


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