May 27, 2016 – Friday

Beautiful Friday to everyone in this part of the world and beautiful Saturday on other parts of the world!

We are nearing the end of the month of May and half way to the year. Also, getting closer to our Euro trip! Super excited, done all the necessary steps to get ready for my Carpe40Diem adventure and for me and my husband summer love affair (cheesy, I know, but hey this is my blog 😘). As promised, I will be sharing the deals that I snatched because of the apps that I found while doing my research from different social media sources. Also, friends that went and came back from Europe. Thanks to all of this sources, we did not have to pay full price. Someone wise told me “It’s not the money you earn that counts, it’s the money you keep!” and “Pay yourself first, 1/10th of what you earn!”. Base on the book I listened and read by George Clawson – The Richest Man In Babylon

For the tips, which I started sharing yesterday about Skiplagged app. To scout for very low priced ticket yet good airlines. But before I delved into those materials, let me share what was mine/ours mindset in planning our upcoming trip:
👀 Plan when you will take the trip (Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall) – in our case, since school is over come June time, that’s when we started plotting dates. Kids will be with Grandma and aunt. So they will stay there for the amount of time me and hubby will be overseas.
👀 Check your accumulated time at work, appointments scheduled, etc. – make sure that you and your partner have enough vacation time or there are no scheduled meetings for business owners or you have someone you can delegate your task to do, during the time you are out, once everything gets filed and cleared.
👀 Check your budget – remember the phrase, “It’s not the money you earn, but how much you keep”, for our Summer trip, we booked our airline tickets back in January of this year. The deal that we got through WOW Air
was $250 one way and round trip was $800, but make sure to read fine prints and optional fee. Like in our case we won’t be bring baggage, so need to pay those other fees.

I will end my blog here and continue on tomorrow for more tips and deals anyone can take full advantage without breaking your pocketbook.

I will be sharing more TIPS SAVING blogs as I take my journey to ’40’! Carpe40Diem

Side note:
Please join me in FINDING THE CURE FOR cancer! Look for Riz Castro. Thanks



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