June 1, 2016 – Wednesday

Woke up early this morning, started with a prayer and some yoga stretching. Thought to myself, “Wow, we are half the year already and getting closer to our Euro trip!”. The countdown begins!


Late last year, right after my 39th birthday, I decided to travel to a place that I have in my Life List and that place is located in Greece. Lovely and serene Santorini! Just looking at the image above makes me want to go there NOW, right at this moment! Beautiful, clear seas. Homes with its blue dome shape roofs. Simply wonderful!

The other decision I made on my journey to ’40’, is to create or do a lot of ‘Firsts’! Namely:
😊 Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
😊 Watched Maroon 5 concert with hubby and friends
😊 Drove by myself to Las Vegas
😊 Rode MegaBus by myself to Las Vegas
😊 Shared a taxi with a stranger (not suggesting this to anyone, use your best judgement, I did!)
😊 ‘Glamping’ (glamorous camping) with family and friends
😊 Started a blog
😊 Joined St. Jude Walk to end cancer
😊 Invited a friend to join our Bible Study at work
😊 Went with Bestie to SFO to celebrate Mother’s day (just us)
🤔 and the list goes on…

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing I believe in is to..

Be thankful… Gratitude is a wonderful thing! Don’t let life pass you by. CARPE40DIEM


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