June 4, 2016 – Saturday


Our Euro trip is upcoming and its coming really close. Me and hubby are super excited! At the same time we we are practical in our plans pre-Euro trip. I’ve search and research from the whole gamut, from asking around (families, friends and colleagues) for tips. To going to social media sites and so on. To cut down the whole process and for me to refer back on what we did, I will be blogging those process as much as I can. Here are the things to consider before you go on your journey to see the beautiful country of Europe and special THANKS TO PINTEREST for the informations I’ve collected, one of which is Wanderlust’s blog. Thank you!


💋Travel Off Season (for two reasons – less people and better deals)

NEED TO SAY MORE… But in our case, since we are not taking our kids and it had to be the time that they are off school, so they can stay with our family.  Our only choice is Summer season, which definitely not a off season time. Since I know about this fact, booked our ticket as early as January for June – August ETA and the great thing was Wow Airlines was having a great promotion (that’s definitely another tip you can use)

💋Try stick to Family Run Businesses or if you have a Timeshare option do that instead.

Live like the locals, try AirBnB

💋Know which country or part of Europe you want to visit first. Know your Focus!

Its easy to look at a map of Europe and let your eyes boggle over the endless possibilities – Rome; Paris; London…. the list can go on and on. But it is also important to give your trip a focus and pick the one from your Life List or for some their Bucket List. If its your first time in Europe, a great idea is to stick to the ‘hotspots’.

💋 Avoid Museum Fees or get a PASS (depending on the country you are visiting, they have passess for multiple days).

Per, Wanderlust “Most museums offer free entry on particular days. The Louvre offers free entry on the first Sunday of the month for example, which can be a nice saving if you’re on a tight budget.”

We went and purchased (make sure to convert Euro to USD to know the exact cost) Paris Pass for our France visit.

For our Italy trip, we got the Rome and Vatican Pass

OR if you only want specific excursion, check Viator

💋 Money

Make sure you have the Euros you need and place them on different storage (pick pockets come on all shapes and sizes). Or the currency of the country you will be visiting. Just in case, have Travellers check, 2 debit cards (in case one gets eaten up by the machine), one credit card, make sure you let your bank know that you are travelling overseas.

More tips and travel hacks tomorrow and to share what the following apps can do to make your trip hassle free

Seize the day and live well!
My journey to ’40’ !


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