June 8, 2016 – Wednesday

Have you heard of “KonMari” method? It’s the act of tidying up and creating order in general.  It sound so simple but yet so complex. 


“Being messy is not hereditary or issue of time,  it’s the mindset. It’s the magic of tidying up!”  The method is named after her,  Marie Kondo, hence, KonMari. Ms Kondo is from Japan and this method didn’t stop there.  She is sought after worldwide! Isn’t that amazing. Cleaning up, tidying is actually an art.  So I will list here some of what I’ve learned so far from her book. 


🌝 The art of tidying – if you tidy up in one shot it will bring out a drastic effect. Rather than do little by little which can cause rebound. This shows tangible results right away. This will empower you because of the IMMEDIATE  visible result!

🌝 Aim for PERFECTION – There is 2 action taken: decide to keep or dispose and when you decide to keep then where to put it. That is how you can achieve PERFECTION!

🌝 Put your house in order and the lifestyle you want will emerge – when a room becomes cluttered, you don’t see the true issue and deal with them. Once everything is de-cluttered, everything becomes clear and any issue that’s lingering can be resolved.

🌝 Storage method are horders – remove visible clutter. Don’t waste your time to put things away that you don’t use. Tidying must start with DISCARDING.

🌝 Plan where to tidy (NOT), TIDYING BY CATEGORY – So for example, today I will tidy clothes (Only).



My journey to 40!


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