June 9, 2016 – Thursday


A beautiful day today! Thank you Lord for this gift.

As promised,  I will continue to share what I’ve learned about KonMari method. I’ve learned that there’s 3 types of people that consults with her:

🌝 Can’t throw it away type
🌝 Can’t put it back type
🌝 And the combination of the above type

Marie’s hard recommendation:
🌟 Tidying starts with discarding and to
🌟 Teach the same approach to everyone

The ULTIMATE solution for an effective tidying are as follows:
🌟 Discarding
🌟 And where to put the stuff kept

I like her method, simple yet make sense.

A lot of her clients inquired when is the best time to do the task:
🌟 Tidying should only be done once
🌟 And on special event

It should be a once in a lifetime task/event

🌟 Putting things back where they belong.🌟

Dramatic clean up, it is.  It’s the state of perfect order ONCE!

Make sure to decide what to keep and those you keep, to put things back where they belong. Put them in their place. Decide where to put things once.

The items needs to speak to your heart. And bring joy!

People that rebounds = tidying not all at once

Time frame for the most efficient way of tidying:
Needs to be quick! Quickly means half a year

Best result,  tidy at the right order:
☉ Discard first
☉ Decide where to put things.
☉ Tidy at one shot,  start at one category.
☉ Know what is your goal. 

To know more about KonMari method and apply to your life to satisfy the goal you have in mind,  the best is to watch her videos and/or read/listen/read her book.
How KonMari method changed this person’s life

Thank you for reading my blog
My journey to 40
Seize the day!


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