June 12, 2016 – Sunday

Beautiful Sunday morning, thankful for this gift called PRESENT! We offer this day and everyday to our Lord, our God. To continuously guide us and protect the ones close and dear to us. There is always room for improvement. If we choose to.

Don’t count the days, instead MAKE THEM COUNT! So counting my days to my journey to ’40’ and make daily faith deposits, hoping that I become a better me than I was yesterday. Help to make a difference a day at a time. Doing minùte change that can become an eternity of change to some in a good way. Being able to live life to the fullest (my personal), being contagious enough so the people that surrounds me, in return like my children and partner emulates so it will go on beyond time! Beyond my time! All thanks to God, my parents, my siblings, my family, my friends, to people that I come across with either through different social media devices, maybe people that knows a friend of a friend (6th degrees to separation), my family business or otherwise and mentors that had become my friends. Thank you! Can’t thank you enough! So to show my gratitude, this coming week of June through November and maybe beyond, I will be focusing on things I’ve learned that come my way (will be learning). Might it be travelling, relationship (family – spouse/partner relationship, siblings, parent to child or vice versa, in-laws, step or extended family, etc), tech tips, saving tips, recreation and anything that will equal “Living your life to the fullest and not being a wandering generality!” Know and feel your purpose and it will definitely will come to you. Be a mentor or a menteé, pass it on, pay it forward! Grow not decay and be a blessing to someone not a burden! I promise you, your whole outlook will change and the people that come your way are the people you want to be until the end of time! But there is a CAVEAT: ONLY if you find in you that you WANT that change. If you keep doing what your doing, expecting a different result, in my book, that is Insanity.

So, I will start with one of the many things I love and wish to do more with my family (wonderful hubby, our children, my mom, my sisters, my niece and nephews, my bestie, my friends all over). That is TRAVELLING! The famous Mark Twain said,  “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all of one’s lifetime.”


For the people that are reading my blog before the age of 40 ~ Did ya hear? Forty is the new 20 (me and my sisters) and before the age of 50 (my hubby and bestie) and before the ages of 60 (my family in-laws), before the age of 70 (my mom and aunts), before the age of 80 (my mother in law), and pretty much everyone.

🤓 Trip tip number 1: CAMPING – roughing it, our in the WILD or even GLAMPING like what we did when we went to El Capitan camp site, which is almost always FULLY BOOK!
🤓 Trip tip number 2: ROAD TRIP – which every country, location you are, plan a road trip shows some samples of road trip in US
🤓 Trip tip number 3: A EUROPEAN ADVENTURE – in our case, we utilized, suggestions, considering some of the recommendations of our friends and family. Thankful for Pinterest, opened our eyes to the many options, choices that is out there, without spending an arm and a leg! Map your adventure, refer to my previous blogs about tech tools or suggestions we have for the nontechie on how we are able to save on our upcoming Euro adventure/trip. Feeling like a LOCAL and not like a tourist. Totally an ADVENTURE
🤓 Trip tip number 4: It doesn’t matter if you’re in San Francisco, USA, or San Francisco (Frisco), Philippines, as long as you’re with your besties, this trip will be a memorable one.
🤓 Trip tip number 5: A GROWN UP TRIP WITH YOUR LOVING PARENTS – it will be a memory worth planning and executing! Different type of conversation now that you are much older and hopefully wiser!
🤓 Trip tip number 6: A ROMANTIC GETAWAY – there is no book in the world that says that once you are married or dating that you are now chained and locked and can’t go far, as far as where you live, if you are married with kids, that you are a bad parent if you leave your kids behind. If you have the means and resources to do so, DO IT! Your kids will thank you for it, you are giving them a gift of understanding and living and that when they grow up, we hope and pray they will have the means and a partner that will have the same values and ideals as what their parents have.
🤓 Trip tip number 7: A SOLO ADVENTURE : It might be a little overwhelming and liberating at the same time but I promise you (as long as you are conscientious about everything around you, like when I went by myself – solo to Las Vegas, NV and Calgary, Canada… by myself)
🤓 Trip tip number 8: A LUXURIOUS GETAWAY – It’s your big ’40’ or you want to create that memory that you can come back and reminisced once you are sitting in your rocking chair or one of your grandkids asked you if you have been a certain place that made a marked because you planned it that way. Plus you deserve it!
🤓Trip tip number 9: OUT IN THE WILD: It’s one thing to go camping, but it’s truly another to do backpacking. Staying in a place with communal bathroom, eating on side of the road, not knowing what’s in it. Experience the wild side of life.
🤓 Trip tip number 10: AN ANCIENT LANDMARK: Experience a place that is older than old! Structures that built maybe even parting the 7 wonder of the world and be surrounded by the greatness and vastness of the surrounding. In my personal experience it is humbling!
🤓 Trip tip number 11: SOMETHING THAT SO SCARY, YOU FEEL YOU PEE IN YOUR PANTS (at least once, very know your limits): Do zipline, hike on a very steep mountain, swim with the dolphins, jump from or cross the tallest structure in Singapore or Dubai, even SKYDIVING/JUMPING!
🤓 Trip tip number 12: SOMETHING THAT WILL REMIND YOU OF YOUR ROOTS: A place back home where you are originally from, if not in the USA or even if you are from what about your ancestors. You might just find out that you belong to a long line of KINGS AND QUEENS!

🤓Next will be tips on what to purchase if you are travelling to Europe that you won’t find anywhere else but there! I will close my blog with a video that hopefully make sense to you. Here it is!



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