June 16, 2016 – Thursday

Travelling gives you a different view of life, culture and people. Learning first hand is always a great experience. Once you get to enjoy and learn from the locals which I believed the best way to experience the country, you may want to bring home the things that you sample from there especially if it’s unique to the country. Now to our blog topic for today. Souvenir from the country of Greece.

🛍🎒 Demitasse Cup Sets


🛍🎒 Worry Beads (Komboloi) ~
Greek worry beads, are strands of beads used to relieve stress or pass the time. Until recently, they were only used by men, but now they’re used by anyone.


🛍🎒 Olive Oil Soap and Beauty Products
~ Olive oil soaps are great for cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Unlike some commercial soaps, they are gentler on the skin


🛍🎒 Greek Coffee/ Greek Tea


🛍🎒 Sweets or cheese


🛍🎒 Ceramics and Potter


🛍🎒 Alcoholic beverages (Ouzo) ~ Ouzo which is traditional in Greece and Cyprus also starts of with 96% alcohol then added to flavorings of anise seed, star anise, cinnamon and other spice flavorings. While Ouzo is also mostly sold at a 40% alcohol content level, it’s not for the faint of heart


Thanks to Pinterest for all the great info about Paris and souvenirs. Thanks to all the contributors.
Journey to 40


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