June 18, 2016 – Saturday

A warm hhhhoootttt day today! Great day to be by the ocean.. aahhhh…

Let’s enjoy today, go out there, explore, learn new things, be open to growth. Speaking of growth, this year, me and my hubby will do some growing. It won’t be easy but we believe it will be totally worth it! In honor of my upcoming 40th birthday, I’m may not look it, (I wish I can say its all genes, but that will be a lie) so with the help of some skin CARE products, not make up, lots of water and vitamins, I look the way I look now. Thanks to my aesthetician Ima Estel and my best friend Ria, combined what I learned from them equals my daily health regimen… which brings me back to the lists of things that I planned to do before my 40th birthday. Thanks to my friend Heather which is my mentor and supervisor at work, shared this idea of having a 40th list, which she did as well. I will start it of:

My ’40’ Life List (I have checked the ones I’ve DONE)
✏ Do glamping
◾Ride uber in Europe
◾Go to Santorini, Greece
◾Eat croissant in Europe, wine tasting, eat pasta
◾Train Ride to different European destination
◾See the colosseum in Rome
◾Go to Venice Italy
◾Go to Sacre Cour in Paris
◾Go to Louvre
✏ Read Imitation of Christ
✏ Experience Magic Castle with family
✏ Go with Best, just me and her on a long distance trip
✏ Make cardamom ice cream
✏ Experience Disney Cruise
◾Go to Lourdes, France
✏ Ride a vintage vehicle
✏ Ride in a big event in style – float
◾Buy chocolates in Paris
◾Celebrate my summer in the Eiffel tower either lunch or dinner date with honei.
◾Go to Eiffel tower and do a selfie kiss with Honie bunch
◾Buy leather item in Europe
✏ Travel alone (Vegas, 2015 MegaBus and taxi)
◾Take a picture from November 2015 – ◾November 2016 (facing my back to the camera, with sign of 4 on my left hand and 0 on my right)
◾Skydive 2016.November
✏ Ride a cab with a complete stranger (preferrably, female)
✏ Start my book or blog
✏ Change my hair
◾Serve at the food bank on my birthday month
◾Learn how to bike
◾Swim as far as I can
◾Complete photo project for each family member. Check Groupon (bought 3 books 2016.05.19)
◾Share 40days straight before my bday good quotes or books and how it applies to my life in FB, Twitter and Instagram
◾Constantly message Best quotes 40days bef my bday
✏ Hangout with girlfriends more often
◾Attend Bible study religiously 40 consecutive Tuesdays in a row
✏ Tape a $1 bill to a vending machine
✏ Go to Huntington library
Dance with honei under the stars
✏ Attend Chinese New Year 2016 parade to meet new people
◾Join cancer walk with family
✏ Invite one more person to our Bible study

Live your life to the fullest
Thanks Pinterest!
JOURNEY to the BIG 40!


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