June 21, 2016 – Tuesday

The girl and the world!

I imagine this image as me. My luggage and my world map. This image is something that our girls also have, they love to travel, we all love to travel! As you all know that travelling needs a lot of preparation or for some, just a rucksack.

For our upcoming Europe trip here are things that we prepared:
✏ Looked for the best airfare. Used Skiplagged app and found that the best deal was with Wow airlines.

Skiplagged app - you can load it from your App store or MyPlay store

✏ Then borrowed my colleagues World Atlas to map out our ETA. Then got one of our own and returned hers. Using Google maps to plot our journey to EU

World Atlas

✏ Start checking discount passes to France, Italy, Greece and UK. Which also have fast passes. So another form if saving not just time and also money!

Discount Passes

✏ Then getting information comparing different modes of transportation from Rail Passes to EuroRail to buses to Über or private drivers. Most of our rides are covered with our Pass (multiple hop on or off).

Eurostar, Rail Passes

✏ Downloaded quick learn language audio books (listening and noting on my way to and from work while riding the bus).

Audio book for learning new languages

✏ Bought necessary travel items at a discounted rate.

✏ Booked our hotel through our timeshare, making sure we check TripAdvisor to see the reviews and compare prices. Majority of the cost for our lodging is great with our timeshare, there was only one hotel that was $10 less outside of our timeshare which we decide to get instead (same hotel, but less cost outside)

✏ Reserved wine tasting tour that was included with our Pass. All that was needed was the reservation for the dinner.

✏ Started mapping our dates in our calendar

✏ Created a spreadsheet of the cost we spend for this trip. Thanks HoneiBunch

✏ Printed the tickets for our transportation and passes. Made copy of our passport and kept an electronic copy

✏ Watched Rick Steve’s travel tips

✏ Our Living Will available for my family to locate. Emergency contact numbers and safe’s combination code.
LegalShield Living Will included with the initial enrollment of $27.95, Living Will = Free of Cost!

✏ Review all the things we need for our trip. No check-in items, only backpack. But I will be bringing extra foldable bag for souvenir and have that checked in coming back to USA.

Live your life to the fullest!
Thanks Pinterest!
JOURNEY to the BIG 40!


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