June 23, 2016 – Thursday

Beautiful morning! Today, super excited for our upcoming trip/Birthday/Father’s day/Mother’s day/Anniversary/Honeymoon/Valentine’s day celebration. I want to share what I read and learned from Trekeffect about “Why Travel is the Best Relationship you will ever have“.

Euro countdown

In life things, events, pretty much change happens to everyone and it’s inevitable! Say, breakups, death, children leaves the nest, so on and so forth but based on what Trekeffect, that “Travel is something that you fall in love and breaks your heart every time you visit and leave the place, but you know that it’s always there for you and you can get back to it whenever you want.”

🌍Won’t ever let you down – it opens doors unknown to us. Creates great story to tell to our children or grandchildren.

🌎 Stays loyal to you – travel won’t leave you, unless you choose to, so long that you accept the challenge.

🌏 Does not require a lot of moolah (money) – travel doesn’t tell you to spend an arm and a leg to get on a vacation in an exclusive luxury resort once every month. It requires resources but if you are in a budget, then opt to things that affordable such as hostels rather than hotels, free hiking rather than expensive tours.

🌍 Will not hold you back – will never prevent you to do things you always wanted. Want to go to solo trip in a new country, go no questions asked.

🌎 And more of this, visit Trekeffect to know the rest of their list…(I try to be true to their words, some of them I shorten, feel free to read more at Trekeffect.com)

Love her blog!


Live your life to the fullest!
Thanks Pinterest!
Thanks Trekeffect!
JOURNEY to the BIG 40!


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