June 27, 2016 – Monday

In the past, I have been the type of person that always over pack clothes, basic necessities, accessories and such. This time I developed a method to only bring clothes that are needed and with extra and still have more room in our luggage. No wasted or extra luggage unneeded. All are going to be used to its full potential.


👗👠💍👙💄🎒👝🤔 👗👠💍👙💄🎒👝🤔👗👠💍👙💄🎒👝🤔👗👠💍👙💄

👗🤔 For a two week trip, I have here the amount of items I will be bringing and just mix and match them for our 2 weeks stay in Italy, Greece, France and UK:
3 tank tops
3 belts
3 leggings
3 scarves
2 cycling shorts
2 skorts
1 sleeveless shirt
1 kimono
1 swimsuit
1 fedora
1 beach hat
1 3/4 thin shirt
1 ballet flats
1 dress shoes
1 sandal
2 dresses



👗🤔 See similar travel blog post here.


Live your life to the fullest!
Thanks Pinterest!
Thanks HoneiBunch, my partner in crime for making this trip a reality! I love you!
Countdown to EU and UK!



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