June 28, 2016 – Tuesday

The countdown is almost over and our EU/UK is just couple of days from now. I can’t explain the feeling for our upcoming trip, mainly because it’s been awhile since we last travel without the kids. We almost always travel to new places, without the kids so we can learn and get lost without stressing if the kids are hungry or tired. With the littlest one love to travel too but get car sick for about 2-hrs of the trip. Fortunately, my mom and my sister are there to be with the kids. My sister in law’s is/will be there too to celebrate my dad’s birthday which falls on 4th of July! Yes, big bang it is, with all the fireworks and celebration!

With our trip coming I’ve checked the following to make sure that we will not be caught off guard. Happy travel!

Standing by the Santa Ynez Hallway
Majority applies to me, the rest, not so much. Something build on.

Live your life to the fullest!
Thanks Pinterest!
Thanks HoneiBunch, my partner in crime for making this trip a reality! I love you!
Countdown to EU and UK!



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