July 18, 2016 – Monday

Great Monday to everyone! My first day back at work, it feels different coming back. Having to experienced the other side of the world. It prove to show (at least to me and my husband) how travelling is, if not the best teacher. You gain knowledge from the place, the people, the culture, the food (oh, the food)  and the whole items and events combined together.

I have not got the chance to update my blog nor my IG, FB, Twitter and other social media account of fear of not able to put into words how EU and UK made us feel. All in all, the feeling was amazing! So the best way I know how, since I am a very visual person is through pictures, images and even that is pale to comparison to the places we visited and we will DEFINITELY visit again. So here are some more images that I was fortunate enough to capture with no particular order…

Trocadero and the shadow of Tour Eiffel
Our picnic style lunch at the Tour Eiffel – Foie Gras and duck meat for my appetizer, Salted caramel dessert


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