July 19, 2016 – Tuesday

Second try to share about our semi-backpacking experience (since my first attempt entry disappeared). Here are some of the few essentials we brought with us to our trip.

1. Ear Plugs / Eye Mask

A MUST for any traveller especially if you are like us that took the NIGHT TRAIN from Paris, France to Roma, Italy sharing your cabin with other people will be a breeze if you have this tools with you in your backpack.  Right for sleeping on trains, buses, planes, with bright lights blazing. Block out the sound of people who are talking on mobile phones, watching a movie on their laptop or have a child that they can’t seem to settle. Since you want to make sure to follow the destination’s time for sleeping.

Make sure to have your ear plugs for easy access to block out the majority of sound and your eye mask to block out the light. Don’t travel without them

2. Sleeping bag Liner

Need to say more…

3. Head Lamp

Just in case..plus its a lot easier to look for items with your two hands rather than just one.

4. Travel Adaptor with USB &

Majority of the countries have a different voltage. Makes sure to have your adapters ready.

5. Money Belt / Bra

  1. Base on our experience, part of Asian countries and the European country that we came from have warnings of awareness of pickpockets and some even have snatchers. The goal is to be vigilant and heightened awareness for sure. So we heed to Rick Steve’s recommendation of carrying your extra credit or debit card inside your money belt but I personally will change ones thing about his suggestion, maker a note of this: DO NOT PLACE YOUR PASSPORT INSIDE YOUR MONEY BELT (IT WILL SET OFF THE SECURITY ALARM – why, because it has the chip that’s why, different types of chip compared to a credit card. Everything I share here, is based on my PERSONAL  experience). Funny story, we were in Arc de Triomphe, but before that before we left the hotel to Arc de Triomphe, I choose to wear light black printed tunic. Then I placed our medical insurance card, spare credit card, Euro and Dollars, and our passports. You might laughing now if you know what happens next, if not just stay with me when I share with you what happens next. So early in the morning long lines, they fortunately opened another security check on the other side we are in line. So there was this American looks good (Alpha male of their pack/group) and he was way deep in the line, but as an Alpha male as soon as they say they are opening the line, he went and rushed, so he was couple of people in front on the other security across from us. Now it was my turn to go through the scanner/checkpoint. There was two security guys, one on our side and one where the Alpha male, I mean American was lining up. When it was my turn, I beeped, hmmm, not a great sign, so I said maybe my shoes, literally kicked it (Tory with metal on top of the shoe), then went again and beeped again, so thinking I don’t have anything that will cause to beep. So the security guy was shaking his head and asked in English with a beautiful French accent, “what about jewelry”, and I said, “everything is real”, and he said “undergarments maybe”, I said “nope”. Shook his head and looked at the other security guy and while shaking his head asked him to pat me. The other man was so hesitant, he does not want to do it and glued on his feet. Finally, my security friend said/asked “passport?!?”. And you know my response, “Men, well I’m a mom, so here it goes…” (Anyways I’m wearing my shorts, so I lifted my skirt, in all of this my hubby embarrassed and waiting behind me plus a long line of people looking on what’s going on but thank God they were in a happy mood) they all watched as I lifted my skirt and took my hidden money belt shown below (Rick Steve’s kept his passport in his money belt, I guess it was an old show,the one I watched) and threw it where my bag was (of course the security guys plus my husband were all shaking their heads and everyone was cheering around me, including the Alpha male) – said “way to go!” Then I walked again…. NO BEEPING, HALLELUJAH! So lesson learned, don’t put your passport in your money bag. It will definitely BEEP! HIGHLIGHT IF EVERYONES DAY! At least the people around me learned and had a show as well. I digress…

Backpacking Checklist: Money Belt

Money belts are for your main stash of cash, passports and other valuables that you may need in an emergency or are not willing to leave behind in the hotel. Keep your walking about money in your pocket/wallet.

Sample money belt by Pinterest are listed below, thanks Pinterest – http://pin.it/nOS0lGz

The Eagle Creek Money Belt is your standard option. No frills, does what it says on the tin. A decent product from a brand manufacturer.

This Generic Money Belt does about the same job as the Eagle creek option at a fraction of the price.

For the ladies there are now a few nifty bras that have built in pockets for cash, credit cards etc (they usually cannot fit passports). Not only is this great for travel, but also having a secret cash stash when you go out to clubs is handy if you don’t want to carry around a handbag or clutch all night.

The Asics Women’s Abby Pocket Bra has 2 hidden pockets built into the bra.

Asics Women's Abby Pocket Bra

The Eagle Creek Bra stash pocket is a small silk pocket that will fit credit cards/cash. It will attach to any bra so is more convenient than having to buy a load of new bras.

I will end it with this and continue the rest tomorrow…


Live your life to the fullest!
Backpack necessities!
Enjoy what life can offer!

Be thankful!

Stop complaining and START LIVING!



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