July 21, 2016 – Thursday

​Things that we consider before we went to our EuroUK trip:

  • After watching multiple episode of Rick Steve’s from PBS station or you can watch it on YouTube, over and over they said that recommendation for everyone going/visiting Europe, the best is to pack light. Especially using Euro’s transit system. Did I mention that the road are not paved (maybe some, definitely not all), mainly cobbled stone. So we heed to their advise and brought backpack only. see picture below, the luggage was after the fact. When we’re in Roma, since we bought some clothes from Italy for the family, it definitely won’t fit in our backpack, so time to go to plan B, buy a luggage there. BTW, we made sure we bargained from €35 it went down to €24. Got the luggage when we were at Roma Italy. Hence the luggage below, when we went back to Paris France.
  • Listed the clothes we will be bringing and made sure that it’s light enough, so when we washed and hang them to dry, it will be a breeze. So what do you need when you wash your clothes, laundry soap and liquid softener. Another great excuse to visit the local “mom and pops store”  or one of those franchise owned store.
  • Made sure that we packed our backpack our stuff at the right compartment, see image below


Live your life to the fullest!
Next plan after a long vacation!
Enjoy what life can offer!

Be thankful!

Stop complaining and START LIVING!



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