July 24, 2016 – Sunday


Italy is one  of the countries that we visited in Europe that I truly love because of the experience (we got lost for one) we as a couple did together.  Love their food, that includes pasta, pizza and GELATO, still dreaming for chocolate, fruit, coffee flavored gelato.

Favorite memory I/we have together were, serene St Peter’s Basilica, the majestic Coliseum and the charming canals of Venice  to name a few. But there is so much more we want to explore, we wanted to see more but we also want to enjoy each place that we come and see. We definitely don’t want to break our pocketbook so everything needs a great consideration of planning before we went off to Italy! Like when we took a private boat taxi from Venice canal to Marco Polo airport (really fun, felt like we are in a James Bond movie, lol).

St. Peter’s Basilica

Private boat taxi from Venice canal to Venice Marco Polo airport
  •  You will get lost ~ its not always as fun as you’d think! Like what happened to us. The fun of getting lost is we were able to find local grocery to buy our laundry items and buffet restaurant that cost only €10, it’s all (that includes drink and dessert, what a steal) because we got lost. But if you are in a rush, its worth downloading an offline map on your smartphone (or use Google Maps offline feature). It’ll save you lots of time especially around Venice and Roma.
  • Gelato is dream come true ~ The best ice-cream in the world! (Still dreaming about those yummy ones!) They’re everywhere. Great deal too! Because of walking, we did not gain weight instead we lost weight because of the heat and the walking. Did I say commute, lots of commuting, reminded me of my old hometown Manila, Philippines.
  • Water fountain, water spout available everywhere ~ like Rome and Venice all water are perfectly safe, clean and free in town squares. Just have your reusable bottle, or fill up your store bought bottle and save yourself lots of €€€.
  • Public transit is amazing if not one of the best we experienced ~ if you want to travel between cities, try taking the train! Italy has an impressive high speed railway between the likes of Rome-Florence-Venice and watch how fast it go.
  • Learn the language, at least the basics ~ I personally borrowed an audio book from the library using an application called  Overdrive, and it’s free. No one expects you to be fluent. You will be able to get easier and helpful Italian on your side. Like what we did, I used Notes to place basic Italian words. 
  • Eat pizza ~ need to say more
  • Cappuccino is for breakfast ~ Just make sure to remember that
  • Fare la scarpetta is essential! ~ no pasta based meal is complete without the act of fare la scarpetta – what it means is that you use your bread to mop up all the leftover sauce on your dinner plate. It’s almost a dinner ritual in Italy and something of a tradition in many Italian families. This is why bread is usually left on tables in restaurants too. Make sure to do this!
  • Venice is sinking… apparently! ~ better set your date and plan to go to Venice in case it becomes one of the lost island, no one knows! 

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