July 26, 2016 – Tuesday


Love París, love the people and the architecture. The food, oh, la la, the food! High respect to the European for the way their transit system are all put together. Plus, their commode, amazing the way they sanitize their restroom at the train station! I definitely want to see that in the United States hopefully soon! Here are few of the things we did and prepare/plan to do before we arrived at Paris and Lourdes, France:

  • Eat croissants and crepes for breakfast ~ when in París, eat like the Parisians eat. Everywhere you go, croissants are deliciously light and flakey! Best croissants you will ever have!

breakfast in paris.
Breakfast in Paris

  • Visit the Eiffel tower and dine on top 58 tour Eiffel restaurant with a glass of champagne ~ when in París, make sure to book way in advance a small group tour of the Eiffel and make sure that the small group tour starts early, as early as 9:00AM, plus gives you access to the Summit to see the 360° view of París. As far as your eyes can see. Also for the total experience, me and hubby went to Viator and purchased a picnic lunch style at the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant (3-course meal with champagne and Evian bottled water). How many people in the world can say that they dined on top of the Eiffel tower overlooking the sights of the Trocadero (not too many). The view, the service and the food add to the overall experience of your stay (the lunch takes a while and confirmation is needed, likely to be sold out so make sure to book in advance). It does have a glass walk way so you can see people below. They look like ants for that vantage point. During our stay last July 6 – 11, the sun sets at 10:45PM, close to 11:00PM. By that time, we are in bed and sleeping. Our next goal is to go there during early summer time, late winter time.
    Picnic-style 3 course lunch (appetizer:foie gras for me, mushroom soup for honie; entree: salmon with fries for honie and chicken with vege and mash potato for me; dessert: bowl of fresh fruit for hon and hazelnut creme for me)


  • Scale the arc de Triomphe ~ the best views of París and the Eiffel tower afound, one on top of The Arc de Triomphe. Use our París Pass, so did not have to worry how much was the entrance. also for safety reasons, make sure to use the tunnel in order to get to Arc De Triomphe and not cross the crazy, busy street of Paris. Spare yourself the unnecessary accident waiting to happen. I promise you, it’s not worth it. Be sure to look for the underground tunnel to the Arc De Triomphe. 
  • See notre damme and the love locks ~ Notre Damme in París full name is Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, “Our Lady of Paris”. 

Continuation tomorrow for “Things to know before travelling to France!”



      SEIZE the DAY!

      Live your life to the fullest!

      Backpack necessities! 

      París, France! Lourdes, France!

      Enjoy what life can offer!

      Be thankful!

      Stop complaining and START LIVING!



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