July 27, 2016 – Wednesday


Our continuation of things you need to know before travelling to France… 

The numbers shown here signifies the price you need to pay in Euro in order to use the “toilettes”
  • RESTROOM the 411 (411 means information) ~ I can spend the entire blog just talking about RESTROOM in France. Learned some fascinating items at the same time. Learned that restroom in France isn’t free, there is a fee to use them, there are some that you will have to pay €0.50 and insert to a slot before the restroom door will open and for you to get to use them. No change, no problem, if you ask the man or woman guarding the “toilettes” or restroom the way we know them, they will point you to the money changer. Fascinating isn’t it. I have to say that they are clean. High-tech as well, imagine a faucet that pours soap on one end and water, when done if you rotate or move your hand circularly, the air to dry your hand will do just that. It’s all motion activated items. Also when you are invited by a French at their place, wanted to know  where the restroom, is not as clear as you think. The way to ask is a bit of skill, when you ask “where is the bathroom?” Be sure to follow some rules: 1) French old rules was excusing oneself to go to the restroom. 2) You shouldn’t go in the middle of a meal but if you really needed to go, be very discreet. 3) Ask,”Excusez-moi où sont les toilettes” just remember this! 4) Or if you are in a cafe, just say “est-ce que je peux utilise vos toilettes s’il vous plait” (may I use your restroom?) With a smile in your face. 5) Another that I noticed (you can tell, I’ve used a lot of different restrooms in París, France even the one in Lourdes, France is quite interesting), we have seen a self-clean/sanitize toilets, be very careful, pretty much no sharing with spouses, when we were catching a train to Versailles from Paris, my hubby had to go. So we first went and inserted our ticket, in order to go in the train station then toilet was right there as we enter. He needed it and all he did is swipe his ticket then the door unlock. When he was done, I was about to go in, but the door auto shuts and you hear a sound of flushing and washing. Like when you do your dish washing or laundry type sound. Every thing is translated in English, that’s how we learned that the toilet goes through a sanitizing process, once it’s done, it quiet down and the light will turn green and that’s when I swipe my ticket and was able to get in a steamy and clean toilet. When done, I washed, dried my hand in the same tube/pipe where the water and soap comes out, the air on the ends of the tube comes out as well to dry your wet hands. As soon as I came out, the bowl gets flushed and the sanitizing process begins! 6) Have you used a bidet, it looks like to me a small sink. You sit on it and get to wash your privates easily. Very hygienic. 7) The French toilets are now equipped with 2 buttons, like our bathroom in our hotel in Ibis (chain hotel). Small one for number 1 and the bigger one for number 2 or what they call “la grosse commission” (poop). See image below
  • RESTROOM Terms or acroNYMS ~ There are acronyms that I cannot make any sense of unless I’m a European, here are some of them that I found and helped me with my research, thanks to French Today, very empowering, see lists below:

🤓 Les toilettes, les cabinets ~ the restroom, always plural in French

🤓 Les WC ~ pronounced “double vé cé” or “vécé” in short from the British Water Closet

🤓 Les toilettes publique ~ public restroom

🤓 Les toilettes à là turque ~ hole in the ground loos/squatters

Continuation tomorrow for “Things to know before travelling to France!”




Live your life to the fullest!

Backpack necessities!

París, France Lourdes, France !

Enjoy what life can offer!

Be thankful!

Stop complaining and START LIVING!



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