July 30, 2016 – Saturday


Our continuation of things you need to know before travelling to France. 

  • There is TRULy wifi everywhere  ~   There is wifi connection everywhere and the great thing is, it’s free!  McDonalds, Starbucks or local cafe have them, so enjoy, just make sure your phone is equipped with a mobile virus scan. Ask your service provider for more info.
  • Save money, buy all your beauty favorites ~  Sephora started in Paris and all they retail are cosmetic items. So start finding items that you personally want or bring back to your family and friends. Like this nail polish remover that has a black foam inside with a hole in the middle where you can place your finger that needs nail polish removing. Clever! Also got an oil that makes nail polish dry quicker. it has a dropper to make the task easy.
  • Save money by RAIl  ~  If you are travelling between European countries going by transit rail system will save you a lot of euros and will have no issue with luggage plus you will see the other side of the city, countryside and what EU has to offer. Just make sure to take a lot of pictures and can upload at the same time. To save space on your phone.  Also make sure to book in advance since they tend to go fast! Like in our case, we try booking night train from Paris to Rome and we got an email that there’s no more night train for two instead there’s one for six people couchette. Since we really what to experience the night train, we went ahead and took that. You will be more comfortable if it will be just you. the other main point is, if you want just you, it will be much pricey but the comfort and ease will be there. We paid less because we were sharing with four other passenger.
  • PLACES TO AVOID   ~  Certain parts of the Rue St Dennis, a few blocks from the Centre Pompidou can be tricky. Also, consider avoiding to walk at nighttime by the Barbed Blvd, the forum Des Halles and the Seine banks (by the river, up by the street is fine). Most París suburbs are safe but be vigilant, don’t go to St Dennis, La Courneuve, or Mantes-la-Jolie unless you want to see what French ghetto looks like. There is a BeSafe app that was created to tell which areas of Paris to avoid at night.

    ​Next topic will be focusing on London, UK! Please leave us a comment or suggestions, we love to hear from you!



    SEIZE the DAY!

    Live your life to the fullest!

    Backpack necessities!

    París, France Lourdes, France !

    Enjoy what life can offer!

    Be thankful!

    Stop complaining and START LIVING!



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