July 31, 2016 – Sunday


Things we want to share to make your visit to London a memorable one without the unnecessary drama eventhough we personally only get to spend half a day there. In our case before during our planning stage, we were debating where to go and how much are we willing to spend on whichever country we will be travelling closest to Paris, France. So the sure win between Spain and London goes to London, UK. Plus, like what I’ve said in the beginning that we didn’t have the full day to stay in London, only half a day. We left París took Über to the Ory station at 5:45AM to take the Eurostar to London!

  •  BOOK THE ACTIVITY YOU WANT before going to London since it can easily be gone due to demand (DUE TO OUR SCHEDULE WE BOOKED LONDON EYE RIVER CRUISE) ~   By booking London Eye River Thames cruise gave us an option to do the London Eye plus the River Thames cruise together but after calculating the time we have to be there from the train station to the time we have to be in the rides plus our commute to go back to the St Pancras station not to mention the wait for the Über ride, we decided to do the London eye the next time we go back to London and just kept he River Thames cruise which we are glad that we did. it covers the infrastructure by the river and it’s history.We trusted History give us the best deal and we are glad we did compare still just to make sure we get the best bang for our euro.
  • Sample their fish and chips ~Eventhough you think the taste of the food might be the same, just do yourself a favor and sample their local dish, we did fish and chips and my hubby did chicken and chips, Chips being the French fries and we are glad we did. Their batter is something I’ve never tried before ever.
  • Make sure to bring a brolly (UK song for an umbrella) ~   If it weren’t for the temperamental weather and frequent drizzle, I have to say make sure to have a windbreaker or a brolly with you. even a hooded jacket will do. Word of advise check the weather report, they are pretty accurate.
  • The big d for “doggy bag” for unfinished food are a big no, no ~   In case you haven’t heard, unfinished meal either in a Michelin acclaimed restaurants or the one by your alley does not and will not let you take a dish home if you didn’t finished them. In USA, bringing unfinished food and placing them in a “doggy bag” is perfectly alright but not in any European or United Kingdom countries due to bacteria and food won’t taste the same once you take them home or to go. The chef wants you to enjoy and finished every bit of it at the restaurant rather than at home. So know this, what ever the reason may be, finish your food and if you can’t, restrain yourself, NEVER ASKED FOR A TO GO BAG! I sure hope we’re clear.
  • Bring extra charger and take LOTS of pictures ~   Just do that in all your trips.
  • PICTURES ~   Just do that in all your trips.Cars Drive On The Left In the UK remember, when crossing the road in London (and the rest of UK) you need to look on your right. This also goes for walking – always walk on the left side of the road.

To get more info about what to do in London, UK, visit StoryV’s Pinterest. Thanks for now.

    ​Next topic planning your next mini trip! Please leave us a comment or suggestions, we love to hear from you!



    SEIZE the DAY!
    Live your life to the fullest!
    Thanks WowAir!
    Enjoy what life can offer!

    London, United Kingdom!

    Stop complaining and START LIVING!



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