August 3, 2016 – Wednesday

Continuation of mini trip to OC…for today. We all know Southern Californians that Disneyland and/or California Adventure gets really crowded pretty much Everytime but as famous as Disneyland, there is days that is a bit less crowded than others. So eventhough we are so close to Disneyland, we decided to stay close to the park to eliminate the hassle of driving especially very late at night after all fireworks consumes all of us. So we can still look at Disneyland and California Adventure, the happiest place on Earth! So I was reading this article of Michael Juliano from last year’s article of Timeout and decided to re-post some of his ideas and add some of ours. Happy reading!

Tips on how to enjoy and be practical in your stay at Disneyland and California with your kids

Kids everywhere you look, why, because you’re in Disneyland and/or California Adventure. Some happy others, grumpy but that’s life and it is what it is. So how can you enjoy your stay and this amusement park and not loose your sanity at the same time. Follow some of the things I personally will follow and some that I gathered through experience and I hope and pray your stay will be as enjoyable as I hope it will be:

  • PLan ahead  ~   There are 50 attractions between parks without counting the shows, shops and restaurants (speaking of restaurant, make sure if you are planning a special event, to make a reservation 60 days before the event, you can always cancel 72hrs before the event so you won’t get charge a cancellation fee)!  ​It is definitely a lot to manage. Also, we can only plan so much. Make sure to have a back-up plan which I personally glad that I did since things we wanted to do was not available at the time or there are unexpected events that all of a sudden just happened to appear in thin air. Things to think about are: (1) Did you or do you have a reservation with any of the Disney resort restaurant (since this is our child’s turning three birthday).(2) Are there parades at night shows you may want to see. (3) which fast passes you want to go. (4) Pro tip (per Michael Juliano) to check the crowd temperature, check this out.
    Our soon to be 3 year old! Alree and dad!

Thanks Michael Juliano of

Please leave us a comment or suggestions, we love to hear from you! Will continue tomorrow!



    SEIZE the DAY!
    Live your life to the fullest!
    Timeshare RCI!
    Enjoy what life can offer!

    Orange County, Anaheim, Disneyland, USA!

    Stop complaining and START LIVING!


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