August 4, 2016 – Thursday

​Continuation of our mini trip to OC. Thank God for a cooler day. 


  • Fastpass  ~   There are 50 attractions, make sure to get the Fast Pass to get quicker to the rides that you really want.  Disney’s free, ride time reservation system, and your best bet at avoiding lines. The short of it is these passes (available at some of the parks’ most popular attractions) are stamped with a specific return time that’ll allow you to hop on a separate, express line. You’ll have to board the ride within the hour window printed on the ticket, and, generally, you can only hold one FastPass at a time; you can only get a new one after two hours or the start of your return window, whichever comes first. Maximizing your time becomes a numbers game, and it’s one you should absolutely play. So where should you start? Begin your morning at California Adventure and get FastPasses for World of Color and Radiator Springs Racers—sometimes you can immediately grab an additional Fastpass, so make sure to read your Racers ticket. Afterwards, head to Disneyland (which won’t conflict with your California Adventure passes) and get a FastPass for Indiana Jones or one of the Mountains, as well as one for Fantasmic (which won’t count against your pass limit). 
  • DRESS COMFORTAbly  ~   Don’t take fashion over comfort! Comfort trumps style, and, with all due respect to the fine folks who frequent Disneyland, there will always be someone dressed worse than you. Decide on a pair of shoes that you won’t regret eight hours later. It’ll probably be cool (if not outright cold) in the morning and after dark, but roasting in the afternoon sun; wear a hat and sunglasses, and carry around a sweatshirt or consider renting a locker (or trekking back to your car or hotel).
  •  Walk accordingly ~ Pace yourselfIf, you’re staying from opening until closing, Disneyland can be a grueling 12-plus hour day. In between tearing through empty rides in the morning and navigating the nighttime spectaculars, slow things down in the afternoon. Ride out the post-lunch sleepies with a loop around the Disneyland Railroad, a tropical serenade inside the Enchanted Tiki Room or an American history refresher on Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. In California Adventure, It’s Tough to be a Bug, Muppet*Vision 3D, the Aladdin musical and the Animation Academy are all relaxing (and air conditioned) options. Consider a caffeine boost from the Starbucks located on Main Street, Buena Vista Street and in Downtown Disney. 

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        SEIZE the DAY!
        Live your life to the fullest!
        Timeshare RCI!
        Enjoy what life can offer!

        Orange County, Anaheim, Disneyland, USA!

        Stop complaining and START LIVING!


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