August 12, 2016 – Friday

​​​​​​​Continuation of our preparation for our kids and home for first day of school.


  • MAKE SURE TO HAVE STORAGE FOR YOUR KIDS ITEM Everything gets  their rightful places, so when the kids come home from school they know where things are placed: 

  1. Bag storage, see how I store our bags here.
  2. Designated area for lunch bags (I keep mine in the bottom of the pantry)
  3. Tell the children where you would like dirty lunch boxes and drink bottles
  4. Homework areas, see my homework station here and one I created for a reader here.
  5. Area for shoes
    • CREATE RULES ~ Screen rules, screen time rules that really need enforcement this year:
    1. An excess amount of time in front of screens is bad for kids. 
    2. amount Children feel free the effects of screen time in all aspects.

    Thanks to Pinterest and Huffpost for the great and awesome suggestions!

    Please leave us a comment or suggestions, we love to hear from you! Will continue tomorrow on the same topic!



      SEIZE the DAY!
      Live your life to the fullest!
      Preparation for the upcoming school!
      Enjoy what life can offer!

      CA, USA!

      Stop complaining and START LIVING!


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