August 15, 2016 – Monday

For some of us, we are clear on things that we want to do before the year is over, some have Summer Bucket List, Winter Bucket List and like me, after listening to a friend of mine (Ms Heather, thank you!), came up with my 40 year bucket list!
So if you have not thought about what you want to have in your bucket list, maybe have some idea but not quite sure where, when and how to start listing, I personally followed these guidelines to complete my Journey to ’40’ Bucket List:

  • WHAT’S YOUR DREAM? Write down things that you want to fulfill, experience, share and just be involved with, WRITE IT DOWN! Make a list!
  • GET HELP! Carpe Diem – ‘Seize the Day’ and get help with your dream, may it be for yourself or for the Community for the greater good of mankind!
  • FULFILL YOUR DREAMS! Start living your dream and defining the person you want to be.
  • PAY IT FORWARD! Support other people’s dream/endeavour!

Get Ideas (bucket list)

      Please leave us a comment or suggestions, we love to hear from you! Tomorrow I will be sharing how to start your own BLOG SITE!



        SEIZE the DAY!
        Live your life to the fullest!
        Preparation for the upcoming school!
        Enjoy what life can offer!

        CA, USA!

        Stop complaining and START LIVING!


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