August 20, 2016 – Saturday

​”Awesome”, that was my littlest girl told the pilot of the big orange balloon as we ascend the steps. Everyone enjoyed the ride up and down, but before I go further, you might be wondering where is this place…

  • The Grand Park in OC Orange Balloon ~ Planned our day, so woke up at 7:00AM and by 8:00AM called the place to see how the state of the wind, if the wind is strong I would have to change our plans, since chance are they will not fly if the winds are strong. Thankfully it was calm, so off we go! The Grand Park opens at 10:00, but travel time took us an hour and 15min so we got there by 9:45AM. Signed a waiver (since I have kids below 18 with me). Adult $10 and all kids are FREE! Where else can you find that!? And the carousel for UNLIMITED rides, only cost $3. They have a big park and so much activities that are FREE! Stop by if you are around the area.

  • 85°C ~ After our trip to the big Orange Balloon, we got very hungry, so few minutes away from there we decided to have ice cream in Buena Park, CA. But instead was surprised by plethora of stores comprise of food heaven plus the HMart store. Amazing haven of food delight.
  • Chocolate Chair Then after our yummy delights, went to the place that we really wanted to go, the Nitrogen made ice cream and Dragon’s Breath cereal. The kids went bananas, loved it!  

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