August 21, 2016 – Sunday

​Today’s a great day, took our niece from Australia (originally from California) to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here are the pictures that we took! 

We parked at Trader Joe’s (got snacks, then have them validated our ticket) but if you planned on staying, you can park for $10 all day (Sunday), there are lots of parking around (be ready to walk). That will be a good deal (or maybe you can find better one). Also, to find the location of your favorite star, Google it and there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to find them.

For the Hollywood there are numerous routes to take to get there. Check out this TripAdvisory suggestion


Arch way to go up towards the hiking trail to get a decent shot of the HOLLYWOOD sign

(Location of Hollywood sign from TripAdvisory: My mission for my 1st LA visit was to go to the Hollywood sign…mission accomplished, I went, I saw, I conquered the hike up to the Hollywood sign! 

Prior to my visit, I read numerous reviews for the best views & directions to the sign, I found the BEST location to view & hike to the front of the sign is 3350 Deronda Drive. On your GPS app (I used Waze app), try to avoid the freeway because there is always an accident or heavy traffic. it is better to take the street route. While on Beachwood Dr. you will see the Hollywood sign ahead while driving, ignore any signs you see that read, No Access. Make sure to follow the driving directions, if you miss a turn (like I did) while up in the hills, there is no way to turn around in the tight narrow residential areas you will have to take a drive back to one of the original points on the route. Be advised, there is a very sharp right U-turn at Ledgewood Dr & Rockcliff Dr., be careful of cars coming down, the drive up the hill is high, tight & narrow. Once you get to the dead end of Deronda Drive (cul de sac), you’ll see the green gate & white wall with arched walkway. Park on the curb, parking is VERY limited so get there early (preferably before 11am). Once out of the car, walk through arched walkway…if you go to the right, up the stairs will lead you to a wonderful valley view or walk pass the chain will lead you to a good photo shoot of the sign. If you want a better photo shoot of the sign walk to the left from the arched walkway, the dirt trail will lead you to a better view of the sign (there is no horse poop on this trail). If you’re feeling adventurous, cross the chains down the ramp, start hiking/climbing up to the front of the sign & great photo shots of the breath taking view of LA. 

Warning: Make sure you bring water/Gatorade & If you are afraid of heights PLEASE do not go up to the sign, coming down is a very uncomfortable feeling.)

Visited Dad, paid our respects.
Then went to the iconic Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank close to where Ellen Degeneres WB studios!

Please leave us a comment or suggestions, we love to hear from you! 



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