August 24, 2016 – Wednesday

What a lovely day, because of that, giving back to the community is THE THING to DO! So if you are in Los Angeles, CA we have an event called Hack LA!

This organization comprise of Government, entrepreneurs, students and much more! The concept is do everything we can to engage local communities to be involved in technology and innovation. Creating inventions of the present age similarly to how we get to enjoy the invention of the phone, light, airplane and so much more! Making it one of the many achievement that Los Angeles and the entire nation can partake on!

Please leave us a commentary or suggestions, we love to hear from you! 



    SEIZE the DAY!
    Live your life to the fullest!
    How to start my blog!
    Enjoy what life can offer!

    Thanks Pinterest for the info!

    CA, USA!

    Stop complaining and START LIVING!


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