August 26, 2016 – Friday

​As we travel to different locations, continents, either for work or for pleasure, there is one of the few essential items that I got to have with me. What is it you ask… A book, it might be an audio or a hardbound type. But as long as I have one or two books, I’m in heaven!

Below is the book that I just finished. It’s a two part book. Finished the first one early this year, then watched the movie to see how they will cover (or not cover) parts of the book. I have my feelings but as a reader everyone gets their own views of what the book should or should not have, for me, I’m amazed on how the authors come up with their subject line, their state of mind when they formulate their story, the look of the book, the end or the upcoming sets of books that follows the initial one. So my book for the day is by Jojo Moyes, After You! Happy reading!

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