September 1, 2016 – Thursday

Great Thursday everyone, continuation of our Hawaii must see places!


  • ZIPLINE AND ROPE BRIDGE THROUGH THE RAINFOREST   Though there are many places in Hawaii that you can zipline above and climb up platforms via rope bridges through the dense rainforest canopy. Climb Works is one of the best.  They feature ziplines, atv rides, rappelling, and suspension bridges.
  • Surf lessons at Waikiki beach   This is the busiest tourist spot in Hawaii.  The white sand, clear blue water, and never ending small waves make this a perfect spot for beginners to become a grommet (supposedly this means beginning surfer).  Great instructors make this possible for even the least athletically inclined.
  • POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER   The Polynesian Cultural Center is the perfect place to experience traditional Polynesian culture.
  • CLIFF JUMPING AT LA’IE POINT   There are a lot of places one can cliff jump, but they are very dangerous. 
  • DOLE PINEAPPLE PLANTATION   Some people think this place is dull, but you have to see it to enjoy the area. It looks like a giant maze.

      Please leave us a commentary or suggestions, we love to hear from you, continue more about Hawaii topic tomorrow! 



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