September 7, 2016 – Wednesday

Todays topic is inspired by Best friend’s upcoming Euro trip to Prague (one week from now, next Wednesday) and Budapest. Initially I did Vienna which is also part of her journey this coming week. Having her in mind, I collected tips to consider when travelling to the following countries.

Prague has tons to offer a first time traveller or even a seasoned traveller. Common knowledge is that we get far less vacay or “me time” with friends than we all deserve. So my suggestions especially with travels like this is “BE PRESENT, ENJOY EVERY MOMENT, SAVOR AND JOURNALIZED YOUR EXPERIENCE”.

I have here a one-day, savor-it-all-as-much-as-you-can Prague ETA. It gives you direction and if you don’t get to do all of them, with or without your friends, the more reason to come back! And since I’m a foodie, I personally want to sample the local dish and since my bestfriend loves dessert, A MUST for this trip is … DESSERT! 

P.S. Best, can you bring me some wine, pretty please. Bordeaux or whatever special wine that country’s is well-known of (maybe between $5 to $10 less).

And all this entry is a re-post from Just Pack, thank you!


NOTE: I will start with word of advice, European countries, are old and historic, with that comes the architecture and all structures and the restoration, what an amazing combination! cobblestone so REMEMBER, wear COMFORTABLE shoes! So far, I read that Prague is a bit hilly and of course remember the beautiful cobblestoned streets. Be ready for LONG WALKS!


     Start your day early at the Vysehrad fortress, one of the oldest places and sights in Prague and arguably its best kept secret. Situated on a rocky outcrop just south of the centre, Vysehrad offers a stunning view looking back over the city and the Prague Castle. Also, it is the perfect place for romance: the views, the trees, the cathedral, the vines, and it will be quite empty in the morning, with only a few joggers and people walking their dogs. Don’t miss Slavin, a beautiful cemetery of famous Czechs.


     Descend down to the Vltava river bank near the railway bridge. If you happen to visit Prague on a Saturday, you can have a look at the Naplavka farmers market, the most popular farmers market in Prague, so come early to beat the crowds. Continue on the riverside past the Emaus Monastery and the modern Dancing House. Time permitting, have a shopping intermezzo at Papelote, a local producer of great modern stationery (opens at 11am), and then walk past the Zofin island and cross the Bridge of the Legions to the Lesser Town. Stop right there. You should not walk longer on an empty stomach. It’s time for breakfast. Finally!


      Have breakfast at Cafe Savoy, a beautiful cafe with a “First Republic” (read Belle Epoque) vibe. Savoy’s breakfasts rank among the best breakfasts in Prague and they can be filling, which is a good thing: you came for just one day, so you won’t have so much time for lunch. Your fault. The Savoy breakfast set is our favorite, but the French toast is a very guilty pleasure, too. Save room for dessert: they make their own on premises. Try some of the Czech classics: laskonka, venecek, vetrnik or the classic strudel. Skip the coffee and walk for just two blocks in the Plaska street and have coffee to go in Cafe Lounge, which serves great coffee and employs skilled baristas.

  • AP ATELIERWalk to the Ujezd area to take the funicular up the hill. Have a scoop of the mango sorbet at the Angelato ice-cream shop on the main street because nothing makes a sweat-free climb up a steep hill better than a cone of ice-cream in your hand. Take the funicular up to the Petrin observation tower (climbing the stairs up is purely optional) and walk on the slope to the Strahov Monastery for some great views. Walk through the small hallway to the street and turn right to walk towards the Prague Castle, the most noticeable and impressive of Prague’s attractions. Now it’s time to turn the local and romantic to eleven: turn left to see the Loretta and the Novy svet street, one of the most secluded and romantic places in Prague. It’s the stuff surprise engagements are made of. Have something small in the Novy svet cafe if you have the time, and then walk to the Castle. Enter the valley that used to be the northern moat of the Prague Castle and have a look at the pedestrian tunnel with the Brusnice stream by architect Josef Pleskot of AP Atelier. Move up the moat’s slope to the plateau and enter the Prague Castle. 

  • ST. VITUS CATHEDRAL. Do you need to buy the tickets for the guided tour? You don’t have the time. Just peek inside the Castle complex to see the front part of the St. Vitus Cathedral, and get a look at the gardens below the castle. Walk up back again and leave the castle past the Deer Moat. Check if there is an exhibition in the Riding School and then walk through the Royal Gardens to the Belvedere pavilion and the Letna park, a beautiful park where locals go to jog, walk their dogs, have beer (in the Letna beer garden) or simply walk with their loved ones. You can get lost in all the views of the Old Town, so make sure to descend to the river once you reach the Metronome, a red needle installed in what used to be a Stalin statue overseeing the city. Cross the Cechuv bridge and walk into the Jewish Quarter. You can spend all your trip money, and more, shopping in the Parizska street with Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Loro Piana shops, but a smarter purchase can be made either in Novesta Gallery that sells fashion by young Czech designers or atIngredients, the place to go to if you want a boutique perfume that no-one else has. Continue to the Old Town Square. There. You’ve seen it. Turn left into the Dlouha street, passing Jan Petr Obr, one of the nicest paper and stationery shops reminiscent of the times long past.

  • ST. AGNeS CONVENT.  Next stop: St. Agnes Convent from the 13th century, arguably the most underrated site in Prague that houses the National Gallery’s Medieval Arts Collections. If all the walking and sights have made you hungry, there are three smart options for a quick lunch nearby Lokal shrine of Pilsner Urquell that sells fresh beer and good pubby dishes, Sistersbistro with a modern take on the chlebicek, the traditional open-faced sandwiches, or Nase maso, a wildly popular butcher shop that sells burgers, the best meatloaf anywhere, or sausages.

          Please leave us a commentary or suggestions, we love to hear from you, will continue more about Prague ETA tomorrow! 



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