September 9, 2016 – Friday

​A beautiful and great morning to my friends and fellow bloggers! 

Early this year, there are things that I wanted to do and it includes some that I hold dear and close to my heart. So dear that I made a promise to myself that I will do everything I can to make it a possibility and hopefully make a difference along the way. And it is marvelous to have my family and friends come aboard to support, THANK YOU!

So in line with that, this month I have a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE to be FIT and to RAISE $1000 TO HELP CURE CANCER FOR KIDS. I’ve decided to help out and walk to find  cure for cancer. 

Your donation and the people you know however much it is will truly be APPRECIATED! My goal is to RAISE >$1000 AND I WILL BE ABLE TO DO THAT WITH ALL YOUR HELP!

Here is the link where you can send your donation in supporting my MISSION to CURE KIDS OF CANCER. After all, CHILDREN is our FUTURE!

Click on this link to our  

St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer – Los Angeles, CA: Carpe40Diem Families – St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer



 Riz and St Jude family!

Please leave us a commentary or suggestions, we love to hear from you, will continue more about Central Europe tomorrow! 



Live your life to the fullest!
How to start my blog!
Enjoy what life can offer!

Thanks to my Husband, Renzo for all the support and my beacon of light. My kids, Ariana, Airhiz and Alree, that never seizes to amaze me and reminds me that MIRACLES do happen everyday, we just need to be PRESENT and acknowledge what we have are miracles and gifts from God. My Mom (we called her Ima, mom in my Dad’s dialect) whose always there waiting and guiding us every step of the way and my Dad in heaven, who’s my inspiration and the reason what I am today. Thank you. My sister’s, if you happen to be blessed with siblings, treasure them, I will never know how it feels without them, I thank my parents everyday for them! My BFF and my mentor, you know who you are, you went and believed that I can start this, even at this age of 39, shy of 2 months before I turned ’40’! Thank you!


Stop complaining and START LIVING!


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