September 15, 2016 – Thursday

​I’m a foodie and I love to sample specialities, delicacies of the places I come and visit, so to my Bestfriend, enjoy all the goodies Prague has  offer!


  1. Hong Kong rolls at Sasazu
  2. Perigord at Cestr
  3. Meatloaf at Nase Mase
  4. Frgale at Simply Good
  5. Wild boar with rose hip sauce at Na Pekarne
  6. Kulajda soup at Essensia
  7. Beef Rending at Sansho
  8. Pickled Herring wasabi mayo chlebicek at the Sisters Bistro
  9. Mini Vetrnik at Cafe Savoy
  10. Smoky dish at the Burger Bistro

    Please leave us a commentary or suggestions, we love to hear from you



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    Enjoy what life can offer!

    Thank God for today and everyday!

    CA, USA!

    Stop complaining and START LIVING!


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