January 18, 2017 – Wednesday

​We are planning to go to a California Adventure this weekend and having 3 kids, we have to be very smart with our money. So search Pinterest of things that we can do to save and make best use of our time at California Adventure.

7 Tips for Finding Things at California Adventure

  1. Chamber of Commerce and Guest Relations are on the left shortly after you get inside. That’s where you can pick up a button for your special occasion. They can also help you with a multitude of questions and issues, including getting an access pass if you have mobility issues.
  2. First Aid is next to Chamber of Commerce on Buena Vista Street. You can park medications there that need to be refrigerated – or get a bandage or over the counter remedies for other minor mishaps.
  3. The Baby Care Center isn’t as well known as it might be, judging from the number of moms I’ve seen struggling to take care of their littles ones around the park. It’s next to Ghirardelli and across from The Bakery Tour in Pacific Wharf. They have quiet places to change a diaper, rock a cranky baby or nurse in a more private setting. They even have microwaves for heating things up.
  4. If your phone battery is running down from all the texting, game playing, taking photos and posting to social media, you can rent a charging locker. Or try this list of electrical outlet locations where you can charge for free.
  5. If you packed too much in your backpack and now regret it, find a locker. Regular lockers are on the right just inside the entrance. More lockers are outside to the left of the Disneyland entrance.
  6. California Adventure is a no smoking areaexcept for the places on this list.
  7. Did you lose something? Someone may have returned it. Lost and found is outside the main Disneyland gates on the left.

3 Best Disneyland Meeting Places

  1. Children wait for their lost parents at the Baby Care Center in Pacific Wharf next to Ghirardelli.
  2. Walt Disney statue in front of Carthay Circle: You can watch people while waiting for your group to assemble and take a selfie with Walt too.
  3. Starbucks near Carthay Circle has lots of places to sit down and wait. And you can pick up a copy of the Buena Vista Bugle to read.

3 California Adventure Food Tips

  1. Carthay Circle is California Adventure’s fine dining spot. The best thing on their menu – in my opinion – are the Signature Fried Biscuits, stuffed with white cheddar cheese and bacon.
  2. Flo’s Cafe is 1950s style diner in Cars Land that’s much fun that you might not care what you eat. Try their milkshakes and homemade pies for a double dose of sugar-fueled energy.
  3. Alcoholic drinks are available in some parts of Disney California Adventure. Carthay Circle restaurant has a nice downstairs bar and the Wine County Trattoria serves wine. You can get a beer in the food area near Paradise Pier or a mixed drink at the Cove Bar behind Ariel’s Grotto. Don’t expect to be carrying those adult beverages around the park, though. They have to be consumed where you bought them.

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    SEIZE the DAY!
    Live your life to the fullest!
    Enjoy what life can offer!

    Thank God for today and everyday! Thanks Pinterest!

    CA, USA!

    Stop complaining and START LIVING


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