January 31, 2017 – Tuesday

​Me and my girlfriend’s are going for a trip to New York and my mantra in life travel is “Enjoy, have fun and be smart with spending, seize the day without hurting your pocketbook” which in my vocabulary needs a lot of planning to attain that mantra! 

With my research I found things to do in New York that are for FREE!

Here. Are. Some. Of. Them.

  1. Take a cheesy, sweet picture in front of the love sculpture at 6th and W 55th
  2. Take a cheesy, sweet picture in front of LOVE sculpture at 6th and W 55th. 
  3. Borrow a bag of fun north meadow recreation center (photo ID will get you a wealth of bats, balls, Frisbee, jump ropes, and hula hoops. Just ask for it!  Call 212-348-4867 for more information.  The address is mid-park at 97th st.)
  4. Walk/jog/skip/rent a bike across the Brooklyn Bridge. Bring camera and take pictures of Manhattan skyline or the bridge.
  5. Take the free Staten Island ferry for great views of Lady Liberty. Try to avoid the rush hour ferry from 5-6. Enjoy a free ride around the New York harbor and lots of fun photo ops. Wait time is no longer than 30 minutes for the next ferry. 
  6. Visit the Hello Deli from David Letterman take a picture with Rupert. Try the sandwich. 
  7. Get free tickets to LIVE  taping of a live show. Plan ahead! 

Here are some shows to see:

  1. The Daily Show
  2. Late Night w/ David Letterman
  3. The Dr. Oz Show
  4. Late night with Jimmy Fallon call: 212-664-3056
  5. Saturday night live email: snltickets@nbcuni.com Enter a lottery for the entire season in August.
  6. The Martha Stewart Show
  7. The Rachel Ray Show
  8. Good Morning America

Will continue more of this topic tomorrow!

Please leave us a commentary or suggestions, we love to hear from you



Live your life to the fullest!
Enjoy what life can offer!

Thank God for today and everyday! Thanks Pinterest!


Stop complaining and START LIVING


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