February 05, 2017 – Sunday

​Taveling with kids or smaller babies can be a messy business. So here are some of the few tips you might want to consider.

  • If you baby is having problem with the elevation such as their ears hurting, to help them have their ears pop, follow thess tip: a)Pour steaming hot water onto paper towels and stuff them into the bottom of two cups. Then, hold the cups so that they’re sealed over your kid’s ears (or even yours if you need it!). b) Or have them chew a gummy bear, maybe a gum. Make sure to have them spit it out once you see that your baby feels much better.
  • Diaper changes are another messy if not “The messy business” for your babies.  You can follow some suggestions that I have listed: a) Make sure to do a preboard diaper change, there are bathrooms in the airport that are for family use, take advantage of those.  b) Ask the flight attendant if there is a changing table for all the bathrooms. c) If there’s no choice, change your child on your lap.

Bottom line make sure you use a disposable liner when you have your child lay down the changing table. 

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