February 06, 2017 – Monday

​Home Safety Monday, that’s my topic for today, why you wonder, because of a simple fact about our very old heater. We hardly use our heater and if we do, it just means that the temperature dropped below 70° and even lower sometimes. So we reported the issue and the repair man came to check why our heater when reaching a certain time, starts to have an “explosion” noise. Very scary!

The funny (it’s really not) was when the repair men came (the main man, brought another specialist for second opinion because he also witness and heard the sound and he needed a second opinion since it stop having an issue when he came and fixed it but we called and this time it’s even worse!). And true in fact, the phenomena didn’t occur. 

Now after 8hrs of having the heater on and set to 71° then when I came home after fetching the girls from school, changed it to 68°, then the “boom” sound strikes again. So me and my oldest daughter went and took a video and picture of it, then there was the wild explosion that shocked me and my daughter. Made the smoke alarm go off. I immediately turned off the heater.  We had to open our door and fan the device so it will stop beeping, which brings me to my topic today which is “Home Safety Monday”! Make sure you have the following in case something happens and you and your loved ones are sound asleep, at least you know you have the device to wake you of your slumber that can actually save you and your loved ones lives before more damage happens!

I’ve included the picture of the smoke detector and the video of the “explosion”! WARNING: Make sure you are sitting or safely sitting before watching this video. Don’t do this at home. 

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Thank God for today and everyday! Thanks Pinterest!


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