February 14, 2017 – Tuesday

Today marks my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday and planning the whole trip, itinerary, that takes time, what they needed to do to make sure that this will be a great event for my mother-in-law, first overseas trip for our 3-yr old, long overdue trip for my mom, hubby and in laws to go back home makes it a lot easier with planning. Here are the things we did in order for us to get a great deal and making sure we can get the best out of the days that will need on vacay mode.

  • Planned the date we are leaving making sure that the date will be good for everyone (since there will be more than 2 people that are traveling, we want savings at the same time comfort).
  • When you plan and buy your ticket at least 6 months ahead of time the savings are immense! The airfare that we got saved us so much, for the month of February the price ranges between $2000 to $3500. Crazy, imagine paying that much multiply it with 5 people. Since we did it 6 months or so in advance, we got $500 each, what a huge savings. The price of one of you book it late will cost you $2000, which pretty much is for 5 people especially when booked that early. HUGE SAVINGS!
  • With the savings, we were able to get to an airline that has a promotion going on which is there’s an included tour with it. So imagine the pluses that you can get off but you book early in the game. Make sure that there is an insurance in case there’s an emergency and you will need to cancel the trip. 
  • Have an itinerary of things to do so you’ll get the most out of your vacation. Here is a sample of our itinerary:
  1. Day 1 – arrival to Philippines, then come late night (red eye flight) fly to Singapore. 
  2. Day 2 – go to cousins and stay they for the night, then go to Marina Sands the following morning to checked in to the hotel. 
  3. Day 3 – explore Singapore, take the local commute, travel like locals. Enjoy the scenery. Eat where the locals eat. Lots of walking!
  4. Day 4 – swim by the infinity pool at the Marina (known for its wonderful architecture and it’s infinity pool). Then come late afternoon, walk around Singapore, go to the night market, shop. Enjoy the views.
  5.  Day 5 – Fly back to Philippines.
  • Have a list of items, souvenirs to bring home to the family.
  • Enjoy every moment, that’s the most important thing when you travel!



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Live your life to the fullest!
Enjoy what life can offer!

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