I started this blog at first just to past time on a busy commute to work. I am one of the few that loves to be around people and when I found out that I can go to work without driving ¬†(don’t get me wrong, I love to drive but there are times that you just want to chill or listen to a good book, even catch up with the many Pinterest topics that you have pinned or get to know other passengers and listen to their stories) and instead take advantage of the public transit system which is by the way supported and subsidize by our City. Thanks to that, I now have a blog… Carpe40Diem, why this name you asked, it started with my Dad. My dad passed away of heart failure due to cancer complication at the very young age of 57 and it was a huge surprise, more like a shock to all of us. There was no way I can explain how we got through that year of finding out that our Dad was sick and only have a few months to leave. Since then, I heed to his personal mantra of “Seizing the Day”, not letting the day, the hour, the second to pass by without letting the people around us know how important they are to us. How our own life is important to them. Hence “Carpe Diem”. And how life can be gone just like that. But I have to say, I thank my family, my Dad for always showing us how to be kind and forgiving to others. How to treat everyone with respect and abiding with the Golden Rule of “Do unto others, what you want others do unto you”. I came up with my version of this but I will save it another time. He also, made sure that we are loved as his kids and always let us feel that strongly. He says “I love you” to us every chance he can. And he does this so fondly with my mom. Which during that time, finds that sort of endearment, too mushy. So what about the number “40” you say in Carpe40Diem…. 40 is the age (not quite since I look at it as my journey to 40) I started writing this blog. So CarpeDiem plus 40 (juggling words) = Carpe40Diem.

So my blog is dedicated to my family, my Dad as my inspiration and my soon to be 40th birthday and a¬†variety of items since I love CHANGE. What makes my blog different to others, nothing really, since all the blogs I have seen so far pretty much share the things I’m about to share, but I have to say that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I let you be the one to decide if my blog will be helpful for you or relate-able or something that you rather pass for now, but maybe come back in the near future. I will include in my blog the future adventures that me and my family will be undertaking. Either a first or a repeat. Tips on how to save on your future travel, preparation: before, during and definitely after the trip. I will also share here books (either paperback, kindle or audio book) that I am currently listening (or reading). And on special occasions, I will include dishes, desserts that I prepared including the table settings that comes with it. I love pictures, so you will definitely see a lot of photos that I have probably seen on-line or took myself. I love FOOD, so there will definitely be a portion of FOOD trip that I have been or will be trying soon. And also I am strong in my beliefs with this four things: FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS and FINANCES, so definitely will have some aspects of that in my blog. And I love ART so any form of it (either on me or simply an observer) will also be shared here.

Lastly, I will be remiss not to mention the influence of my best friend Ria and my mentor Heather for encouraging me to start my own blog, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!